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I have / should say had / very long dark hair (grayed and dyed back) that I keep one length because of the fine nature of it and the curl in it. Makes it smoother, and it is very full by nature. I was using Pureology Shampoo without one problem. I use color on my hair, the lowest ammonia possible, on the roots. Enter my walking into the local beauty store to pick up the Pureology Shampoo. The Manager told me that I should use Bosley. I asked her... Read more

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I had my heir done there almost 4 years ago, they are lying and it's not working. They will not tell you if your heir loss is natural heir loss or genetic and after they charged me over 6k they said I need second procedure which was worse than first one with more money to pay and now after 4 years not just I loss all they put up front of my heir from behind of my head, I also lost all the heir they removed from back of my head. Nothing changed,... Read more

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Why would you go to a "doctor" for hair treatment? Cyclosporine restores hair. I was bald for several years because I was very sick and needed a liver transplant. Cyclosporine is one of my anti-rejection meds. My body hair, facial hair, and hair on my head has all grown back in just six months. I forgot how bad shaving sucks lol! Read more

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  • Nov 23, 2016
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Bad company - pure greed - poor quality.

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As my hair thinned over the years i decided i didt wana be bald. So i went to mobile al to talk to a bosley dr.. the refer me to the Atlanta office. The doctors in Atlanta convience me they will make my hair thick and full again. I needed 11000$ worth of graphs with a promise i would b 100% happy. After the 1st year my hair did grow but the thickness didt happen. On top i can see very fine hairs and thats all. I called. To complain then decided... Read more

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I had one (expensive) procedure done by Bosley in Boca Raton, FL. I was assured that this would be all I needed to correct my minor hair loss. It didn't help at all. When I went back to complaint, they persuaded me that "just one more" (expensive) procedure would be needed to make a very noticeable, positive difference. Again, little to no improvement that I could see. In the end, a lot of money spent along with a considerable amount of... Read more

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Please guys im begging each and everyone of you to run away from bosley! Its a scam dont believe the hype that surrounds this company. I had my first transplant done about a year ago and its the biggest mistake ive ever made. The hair grew back patchy and my hairline looks even worse. Its not dense at all. Just very patchy with a huge scar in the back of my head. Find another alternative but bosley is not the another (dr dibase) did a horrible... Read more

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I paid $6500 for 2000 graphs and was told it would solve the minor thining spiral problem. I also purchased the laser comb. I saw no change, not even a little ever. 1yr after surgery I tried to resolve this & went to the office and was turned away. Tried to sell me something else.. Now ontop of the hair thinning problem that hasn't changed, I now have a huge scar that draws the wrong attention. I get questioned a lot, it's embarrassing. The... Read more

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I read these reviews out of curiosity because I had a boyfriend once who spent 1,000s on hair transplants and ended up buying a horrible toupee for several more 1,000. Why don't you place an add on sites like this and file a class action lawsuit? Something should be done to shut this company down. If you don't want to do it, maybe suggest it yourself for someone else to do it and just be a litigant. At least you can get your money back and... Read more

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Just in two words. Disgusting people. No result and only loss of money. I spent 1000 for 1200 fue and lost 10 times of hair to that. Read more

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