I have / should say had / very long dark hair (grayed and dyed back) that I keep one length because of the fine nature of it and the curl in it. Makes it smoother, and it is very full by nature.

I was using Pureology Shampoo without one problem. I use color on my hair, the lowest ammonia possible, on the roots. Enter my walking into the local beauty store to pick up the Pureology Shampoo. The Manager told me that I should use Bosley.

I asked her why. She said because it would be good for my hair. I told her I had no problem with Pureology, but she is quite the pusher. I wanted Pureology and she demanded and talked over me and set the Bosley on the counter and that was that in her mind.

So I tried it. I kept using it for about 4 months until I realized it was not stress that was causing my hair to come out in lumps at every wash, and I mean a LOT of it, it was increasing in amounts lost with the shampoo over that time. I lost a lot of hair. So on intuition, I stopped using Bosley, and immediately, the hair loss stopped.

Oh my word. I went back to Pureology and it's doing much better. No hair loss. One of the workers in there knew that they might have a chemical in it that should not be in there - but is not listed.

So is Bosley causing hair loss with their shampoo - to get business? Never in my life have I lost hair. Never. And now I am not, again.

No hair loss. Then she wanted me to not use the regular semi-permanent hair color, but to use a Lafartique Hair emulsion. It dried out my hair so badly it shattered it. On top of the now 3-4 inches of massive frizzy hair growing back from the Bosley damage, now down the sides, my hair is dried out and shattering.

When I mentioned it as a problem, she told me she had the same problem (really - and she didn't mention it to me to keep mine safe!) and that she stopped using the second step, just used the first. And when I mentioned the problem to the rep who came through, she demanded that her product never did that. Yelling loudly and walking around me like she was encircling me and telling me off. My hair is testament to otherwise.

Two terrible products for fine hair. NEVER use either! I am 63. I am not a guinea pig for products nor am I interested in having to wait three years for my hair to look good again - but that's what Bosley and Lafartique products did to me.

I hate what they did, and these products should be BANNED because of what they do to hair. The latest the manager did? She handed me a skin care product to try for free. She said and I quote, "We both (a worker) and I have tried it and we break out with it, but I thought you would like to try it." Wow.

That says a lot. She had to have known Bosley did this to fine hair.

And she obviously knew the Lafartique hair emulsion color dried out hair badly. And never told me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bosley Shampoo.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: To let everyone know how terrible they are and at that Beauty Chain Store.

Bosley Cons: Pushy way they sell, And the products.

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you should have insisted and told her no. Thanks for heads up. Pushy should have been fired.


After your Boskey experience, why would you continue to go back to these people?


This happened to me as well with Bosley. I am going to look into this more..... Thinking about taking them to court!


Someone would have gotten their hair "pulled" out that day!! I don't know what's worse the sales lady for forcing you to buy it, or the rep with her reaction?

Some people just don't belong in sales!!!!

I hope your hair is coming back to the way it was?

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