Bosley Transplant Procedure Reviews

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Bosley is a complete scam! I had my hair transplant 8 months ago and the results are completely unpleasant. Everytime i look into the mirror i get so pissed off at the foolish decision i made to go through with this procedure. I had 1200 grafts done in the front and its definitely what i expected. The hair follicles behind the frontal line is falling out. Now its just thin and completely unappealing. The frontal line did grow but its really thin...
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Bosley Philadelphia is terrible-- please do not let these hacks near your hair. Their services are s gimmick. They get you in the door with false promises (e.g., a head full of hair, full eyebrows, etc.), then when the transplant doesn't work, they try to charge you more money. Dr Cornwell and his staff were belligerent towards me and tried to get me sign non-disclosures when they knew they messed up. The procedure did not work, the staff acted...
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