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My experience with Bosley was the worse I have ever encountered with any company. Their marketing campaign for the PRP treatment is completely misleading because it clearly states that it regrows hair.

However, when I sat in the chair their NYC doctor told me that it absolutely does not and if it did that Bosley would be out of business. After my first treatment, myforehead and face swelled up and lasted for about a week. This was never mentioned as a side effect because apparently it rarely ever happens.

After making several calls and everyone agreeing that their own ads are misleading and there was a major disconnect in my experience, I am still waiting for a return call from Leo in the corporate office. It has been a month and still no response after a follow up call and message left with his associate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bosley Procedure.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I’m curious how things are going now? I’m hesitantly looking for spittoons and they recommended PRP.


Be warned these guys are slime balls they keep leaking peoples details


So far Bosley products worked for my hair regrowth (I use the orange one). I just noticed that if i use it for prolonged period of time, say more than 3 months (which is the recommended usage for the shampoo, conditioner and the serum), the serum dries up my scalp and it starts to itch.

So my dermatologist recommended that i use it just once or twice a week if I needed to continue treatment. I'm just having a challenge now regarding its availability/sourcing in my country, the Philippines.

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