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The same thing happened to me at the Michigan Bosley!!! Getting a transplant from Bosley was the worst decision I ever made.

I got about 900 transplants too and barely any of them actually took root. I am just about to start shaving my head and stop covering it up with Caboki. The only reason I even started using Caboki was because I am going to feel extremely disfigured with this six inch long, and a quarter inch wide scar on the side of my head that still gets red. I'm seriously thinking of lawyering up to combat the contract that Bosley made me sign.

This scar is horrible and I hope you people can't sleep at night for what you've done by persuading people like me, a guy with fine hair and skin and big eyes, to get transplants that you know I would need $100,000 to finish and a miracle to hide to hide the scaring on the sides and back of my head.

If I could go back in time and fix one thing in my life it would be to go back and stop myself from getting Bosley. Seriously, out of all the mistakes, that is the ONE I would take back.

Oh and if you call me again MY LORD!

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

Preferred solution: Pay for my scar removal, and for laser scar pigment alteration and for FUE transplants to cover up/camouflage the smaller scar that will replace the big one you gave me please. Or a full refund..

I didn't like: That bosley disfigured me, Huge scalp scar, It did not work, That i cant sue them.

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I had a procedure done with Bosley - 2250 grafts and a huge scar on the back of my head. I am not entirely stoked with the results, but this is clearly a planted comment from Caboki...


Bosley in Philadelphia pa scammed me. 20 years ago i got like 900 grafts and all i got was a scar for life and a loss of $7000 for my time.

The doctors are a joke, the women that do the procedure *** about their lives while destroying your head, and prepare for your head to be numb for a few years afterwards.

Just, dont... Just keep in shape and go bald youre better off...


To for your input n thank u for letting others know about this! U will not go unheard! Sue them!


I had a transplant about seven yrs ago. Last year I started getting terrible headaches not all over my head but only where the scar tissue is I am now going for MRI to see if the scar tissue has damaged any nerves or has caused me to get a tumor this is the worst experience of headaches I've ever had in my life Bosley should be sued


All of you should contact your state's attorney general's consumer affairs office to complain as well as write a joint letter to Congress's health subcommittee and then contact CNN, MSNBC, and FOX news to get them to ask Bosley's corporate headquarters to answer for what they are doing to peiple.

Decatur, Illinois, United States #1327966

Your absolutely right so glad I never made the decision beacuse if so I would have to off a mother focker real talk. Screw Bosley its employees and all affliates.

Los Angeles, California, United States #1275013

i feel so sorry for all you people who have bad experience with hair transplant. i googled for a long several months before i decided to make a choice where i should go and how much i want to pay , and how much chances i would have for a good result.

All turned out i was quite successful in my choice. the healing of few thousands FUE grafts went fast in about 2 months and the final hair grow result was already about 70% in the first 4 months and i expect even better results in the next year. exactly what i have been told by the company. Just to show you there are also people who have good experience with this operation, but i guess it depends on the company and the doctor that you choose.

i had it all done in Europe for a dollar per graft, a fraction of the costs that they charge in the USA.it was so ridiculous expensive in USA i was never gonna do that . Until i found out about better solutions overseas.

i can only advise you to keep Googling for a long few months before starting such a serious plan.

Don't go into any TV promises. i wish you all good luck !

to Anonymous #1403038

who was your doctor



If you want to warn others about what has happened to you and even prevent someone else from getting disfigured, the best place to do it would be hair loss forums. Bald Truth Talk is a great one for example.

Just go on and tell your story, it's anonymous. You should detail where you got it done, the doctor, the procedure and just be honest. People need to be warned about places like this. If I can prevent even ONE person from going through what I did, then my job is done.

Get the word out. Protect these innocent people from doctors like this that ruin a life in 4 hours just to pocket a couple grand.

It's sick. It's a crime, a tragedy and it needs to be stopped.

to Anonymous #1454488

What can be done about this? Can people try to get their money back? I feel robbed too.


Same thing happened to me at Troy, MI Bosley.... disfigured me and destroyed my hair, just to make a couple thousand bucks. We should all look into filing a suit against them.

to Anonymous #1053410

Is there some way for us to contact each other on here privately? If you are looking into a suit, I would be interested.

I am sure if we got more people involved, we could get a lawyer that would represent us... I know she probably has several others she has done this too.

It is not even about the money, it just makes me sick.

to Anonymous #1089272

go on bald truth talk and post your story. Just describe the procedure, number of grafts, your surgeon and even post some before and after pics.

I am on there as well and I will obviously know who you are if you name the surgeon... and we can private message from there. Just be honest about your story. There's nothing wrong with that, people do it all the time.

The worst tragedy in all of this is that she obviously knows the potential outcome, but doesn't warn you of it at all.

It has really destroyed my life.

Illinois, United States #936877

I had two procedures at NHR. Bosley bought them out.

I was wanting to sue but how ? These people know it is near impossible. So Bosley says they would do extra grafts along with my expensive 3rd procedure . Well again the hair only took partially .

I am depressed because they cost me so much . I believe they let the plugs dry out before placing them or are not placing them right . Also I believe they lie about how many they place and toss out some . They think we are *** .

Now I don't know what to do . Take notice that if you are famous the transplants work. I do not think their scalp is so different .

I think the doctor makes sure the girls who do the actual procedure do not take shortcuts .

Plymouth, Michigan, United States #926989

I had mine done four years ago. I haven't heard anything from them because we all sign a crazy big liability contract before we have our procedure.

Unfortunately they are more than likely in the clear legally.

I do wonder if that or anything else is an option for us though.

to Original poster Columbia City, Indiana, United States #928740

There has to be a such a large number of people that feel the same way that there is something that can be done. I feel badly for the people still falling for the ads and getting the procedure done.

Mine looks no different than before.

I really need to just buzz the hair off, but can't because of the scar.

I really have no idea what to do going forward.

Since these were released after the procedure...http://bosleymedicalviolations.com/ would that affect the liability contract we signed?

Columbia City, Indiana, United States #925582

Did you ever hear from them in regards to this? Is a huge lawsuit with the thousands of disgusted customers an option? I too am experiencing all the negative results of the procedure that you mentioned.

Los Angeles, California, United States #904963

When did you first have your procedure done?

to Joe #1137390

I was also screwed, by bosley in troy mich. My life isn't the same since what they did to me. I would be interested in a law suite or anything.

to Anonymous #1138857

We need to figure out how to contact each other. then write up our cases and send them to a lawyer for review.

How can we contact each other? Someone should just start an email account just for this. We can always close it down if it gets spammed. She is continuing to disfigure people for money as we speak.

She needs her license stripped asap. She is very, very unethical.

This is fact.

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