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It happened 2 years ago, in Feb, I believe. I paid 14k to have 2,500 grafts put in.

I went back a year later was kinda happy with the results but my hair never fully grew in. I went to see my plastic surgeon who used to do these procedures and she even agreed that Bosley didn't do 2500 grafts and that the job they did was half fast. I did contact them and they said another 800 grafts or so. Like $8k , wtf!?

Another, $8,000 to make it more dense?

I'm like fix it, don't charge me more! In any case they did a poor job and I feel it's because they are so big that they do not care they get it wrong not to mention I saw my surgeon once.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bosley Transplant Procedure.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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This comment is to the man who is not happy with his Bosley grafts for $14k. —I have to say your hair looks good, but can look BETTER w a lower hairline.

Especially for $14k. — (I am female.) yeah, I think Bosley could’ve done a better (and complete) job for $14k. Firstly, if it was me, I would’ve read the contract and fine print before signing on dotted line, so I will understand what I be getting for $14k, and know what the final result will look like. Be precise, and best to have everything written down on paper.

This will protect you. Then take before and after photos of my head/scalp. Also take photos every 1-2 months to show any hair growth (or no growth). —Know your state’s statute of limitations concerning this.

If you have to, and you did not get what was in the contract, I would file a small claims lawsuit case (maximum $5k-$6k) against Bosley. Don’t bring in lawyer because this may cost you thousands to retain a lawyer.

Know your rights and have your evidence to support your case. Good luck.


It’s called “half-{{Redacted}}” not half fast


After looking at your reviews and complaints paying $10,000.00 for a transplant. I met a person who had your procedure done who told me that if Bosley does a bad job and because you are so big , you don't care if someones not happy and you dont do what ever it takes to give your patience's a good experience.

The person I met showed me the Price and Bill he paid and it looked horrendous.. I never saw a grown man cry over what you did. I thought about looking into your services as his was done 15 years ago but after seeing more of the same complaints I would not let you touch my head after seeing your prices. I wanted to get a information packet but you refuse unless I make an appointment so that shows me your not to be trusted.

Even with celebrities Hawking your services It just makes me more Leary. No WAY. I feel your company is a bad investment. James F.

Campbell U.S.

Army retired and disabled. Not willing to be taken.


What a strangely shaped melon you have sir! I don't think any amount of hair transplanting will fix that. However, a better,"it is what it is", attitude might help.

to jigsawjon #1422153

Hahaha, The photo uploaded side ways! Let me see what you actually look like then we can chat

to jigsawjon #1443053

I have to agree with your findings. It appears this gentleman has had his head outside a fast running speed boat way to long as a child.You could be Armenian kind of hairy and not cover that up.

Get a comb my hairless friend. Call it a day.

to jigsawjon #1444258

Work with what your parents gave you. To change ones appearance shows superficiality, fakeness if u will.

Who among us is perfect in everyway?

Moral character is much more important, perhaps the money could of been better spent on oh *** anything else. Including wemen and booze....

to Anonymous #1554687

Agreed, mild balding is attractive anyways on older guys, just maybe not on guys in their 20's

to Anonymous #1621965

......all for just hair.....WHY not just shave your head . .....you might look better.

You'd be at least 8K richer......let's see $$$ OR .....Money OR Hair.........wait a minute ...are you trying to get " hair " to meet women ? Think they wont be into " Your Look" if you ah ha ha ha ha go BALD ? Ask yourself if you have anything other than hair going for yourself ? It sure dosnt sound like you have any money.....so you can check that off your list......well guess that's one strik out against you......let's see.....how about a COOL car.........your not driving a discontinued old car are you....ah...ah ......like a ....ha ha ha ha ha LIKE A TRANS AM....you know like a Camero knockoff with a big spoiler on its rear....ah ha ha ha ....better yet....ha ha ha ha the one with a big old BIRD WINGS ON.....HA HA HA HA HA ....ON THE DOOR.....ah....hahahahah....

This so much fun....mocking you... ...I'm laughing tell I'm crying.......sorry.....its just ....well you kind of do look like a dude that would be prone to drive one of those KIND of cars......ah...Trans AM....how fricking funny.......ok , I'll move on.....do you have a house......you can have a FULLL THICK head of hair and if you dont have a house.....even a tiny one ......YOUR S.O.L dude.....ha ha ha ha.....you cant expect any respectable woman...ah....wait a sec....you do know what respectable ....is.....ah ha ha ha is ,dont you ? .....yeah...right....

you have no hair....OR I mean you "got" plugs.....right....you know on second thought.....a long second thought and taking a short look at ya again LOL....YOU WOULD BE BETTER OFF SPENDING THE 8K..........your really gonna need all the help you can get.......ha ha ha ha........YOU KNOW DUDE AFTER READING ALL THE OTHER COMMENTS I ALMOST FEEL BAD ABOUT MY COMMENT HERE...... ....ah.....ha ha ha ha....not really I dont.....just kidding ya......READING AND WEEP......sorry but you did put yourself out there........


If you have a odd shapped head and a face you could only love on Pay-Day then all the hair in the world won’t help!!

to jrandy43 #1422155

I’m sorry to hear this about you mate


The only victim you are is that of your own vanity. Pure idiocy.

to Anonymous #1422156

Spoken like a true poet. Mr anonymous


I had a very bad experience at BOSLEY now all l am left with is scares this company does not care.

Please everyone this is a true story don't trust BOSLEY

to Edward #1424895

After meeting a victim of Bosley I totally concurr and will spread the word to all the people I know not to use these people who dont seem to care about people.

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