After starting to feel self conscience of about my thinning hair, I made the very, very regrettable decision to have a hair transplant. I was convinced by the Bosley staff that it would look good.

That's about all they told me. They didn't mention that it would kill all the hair around it. They didn't warn me that the results would look unnatural. The transplant did not compensate for the surrounding, natural hair it killed.

So, now there is one side of my head with transplanted hairs spaced too far apart. I am here looking for advice.

I can't believe the toll this has taken on my life and self confidence.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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Manchester, New Hampshire, United States #1158846

I was scheduled to have a hair transplant done at Bosley's everything sound so great, 3000, grafts would be done, front and back part of my head, I had put $1000.00 down as required, but two days later I read all of the reviews and changed my mind. now I am out $1000.00 this was scheduled for 5/19/2016, is there any way I can retrieve my money back??? please help!

Steubenville, Ohio, United States #896738

i was scheduled to have a hair transplant at bosley's on november12,2014. After reading the nightmare stories from former clients I cancelled my appointment.

Fortunately I mailed a 500.00 check for deposit that they had not received yet so I called my bank and stopped payment. I called bosley's and had to leave a voice message canceling my appointment and I told them I had also stopped payment on the check. I did not sign a contract due to the fact that everything was arranged by phone. They tried to talk me into using my credit card and now I'm glad I refused.

They did tell me that I would have some effluence after the surgery, but assured me it would grow back. I cannot afford to lose the hair I have and doesn't this surgery sound so simple on the commercials. No thanks!Bosley's also told me I could go back to work within a few days, the stories I read did not confirm this.

I work with the public and cannot afford to lose my job due to reporting off. Thank all of you for your honest comments.

Chicago, Illinois, United States #857763

Thank you for posting this. You saved my son from having the Bosley procedure.

to Main Jersey City, New Jersey, United States #964901

I went to bosley and they convenince as well and i was ready to do surgery, but after read all this story, i think is batter i will stay with my own hair wht i have, thanks to all of you for the onest openion, god bless you. and bosley ***.

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